Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that I get. Click on a question to view its answer.

How do I find recipes ?

Click on pantry or fridge ingredients and find healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Find weekend dinner recipes serve as easy vegetarian options. Find multiple easy plant based cooking recipes. Save Favorites for easy access later.

How do I publish recipes

Create login and go to “My IndiePalates”. Submit Recipes, Blog or Tips. Content will be validated and shared.

I am a business, how can I join the network ?

Email “[email protected]” with your business information. 

Can I save external links that I like in my profile ?

Absolutely. IndiePalates is a recipe aggregator. Use it as a digital collection of all your recipes. 

You still need to use “Submit Recipe” by creating login and going to “My IndiePalates” above. Please do add search terms so I can include it for easy searching.