About Us

IndiePalates has been inspired by the Facebook group Eat Light for Indian Palates” I formed in 2015 after my weight loss and muscle building journey with a vegetarian diet. I have been fortunate to work and live with people from all over the world who are always intrigued with easy vegetarian food options, its benefit for health and sustainability it offers.

IndiePalates is an organized recipe collection celebrating global vegetarian recipes encouraging both new and old bloggers and letting you store your family favorites from anywhere.

Having led a 181K member strong Facebook community, I am convinced that good recipes do not just come from me or a select few bloggers, it comes from people genuinely willing to share, chefs who have had multiple trials to publish . IndiePalates is hence not a food blog but a recipe aggregator which nurtures respect for everyone who places helping as the first priority.

I have created this community and website while working full time as an energy professional, so I have always felt the scarcity of time that busy families experience and the ever growing need to feed healthy fresh food to our children. I have tried my best to organize the content for easy searchability. The reviews will help you save time from trying unsuccessful recipes.

Someone rightly said “If you don’t eat food as a medicine, you eat medicine as food later in life“. It is my deep passion and purpose to uplift the entire process of growing or finding fresh food and support small businesses. I have hence opened a services section to let you use the right local grocery stores and products.  Why should vegetarian and vegan restaurants be left behind, while they offer their own unique ambience and food. Continue enriching this database with your small business dwellers in the city, I will validate their identity and add them to the global database in a way a new entrant in the city feels fully supported food wise. Eat Fresh, Grow Local & Enjoy little pleasures !  have started a small business podcast channel here. I also support small business and people needing these services by engagements, contact me [email protected].

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